About Us

At Cosmetics Derigueur we are razor focused on simplicity confidence and beauty.
We were tired of trying to decipher the complex ingredients in our beauty products. So we went on a quest to find completely natural products that could be used as staples in any beauty regimen, without worrying about harmful additives.
We are serving our customers who value beauty and simplicity, and the communities from which we source our products.  We employ members of the community,  contribute to the building of schools, and sponsor entrepreneurship for the benefit of the individual, the community and the country.
The beauty we want to inspire starts with he physical but has roots in the beauty of having your basic needs met, of seeing children thrive, of providing a better life for the next generation it evolve into the beauty of life. 
    Currently the we offer:
    • Premium Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil which can be utilized as a facial moisturizer, body moisturizer, make-up remover, lip balm, sealant for hair as well as massage oil.  As our coconut oil can also be used as a dietary supplement for beauty both inside and out.  
    • Bentonite Indian Healing Clay for Skin and Hair masks treating ailments such as acne, eczema, dry itchy scalp amongst many other ailments.  
    In 2018 we look forward to expanding our product line.
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