Cosmetics Derigueur Premium Organic Coconut Oil

$ 16.97

Enjoy the benefits of Coconut Oil. Natures Ultimate Beauty Product.

As a skin moisturizer coconut oil can sooth chapped lips, relieve the symptoms of dry, itchy scalp, soothe the discomfort associated with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, and even serve as a massage oil.

As a hair product it can serve as a protectant, sealant, and deep conditioner improving the strength and appearance of your hair. It is even edible!

As a supplement it can be added to any drink or eaten raw, it has excellent nutritious value and is a healthy alternative to traditional cooking oils leading to enhancement of your general health.

Get youthful, radiant skin and hair with amazing shine with use of Cosmetics Derigueur's coconut oil.