Cosmetics Derigueur Bentonite Healing Clay

$ 12.97

About the Product
★AMAZINGLY DEFINED CURLS: Simplify your beauty regimen by eliminating shampoos that strip your hair of all of its natural moisture. No more complicated ingredient lists. Enjoy beautiful healthy, hydrated, hair with the power of one ingredient sodium bentonite!
★ EXCELLENT DETOXIFICATION (SKIN AND HAIR): Remove the impurities and leave the natural beauty! The powerful purifying ability of bentonite mask is generated from the strong negative ionic charge formed when the clay is hydrated. This negative charge allows the clay to attract positively charged metals, toxins and product buildup. Removing impurities and leaving you with refreshingly clean skin and hair.
★ MADE IN WYOMING: This clay is extracted from the Indian Mountain area right here in the USA. The product is mined without the use of metal tools that can decrease the effectiveness of the clay. OUR Sodium bentonite is stronger than traditional calcium bentonite and has a stronger magnetic charge than the competition allowing it to attract more toxins for better detoxification.
★ DO NOT USE ON COLOR TREATED HAIR. The magnetic properties of the bentonite will attract the dye from hair follicles removing the color.